Cosmically (according to Hindu Astrology), Rahu and Ketu signify the two of crossing point of the ways of the Sun and the Moon as they move around the heavenly circle. Accordingly, Rahu and Ketu are individually called the north and the south lunar hubs. The way that shrouds happen when Sun and Moon are at one of these focuses offers ascend to the legend of the gulping of the Sun.

The Rahu and Ketu in Hindu Mythology

The Rahu is the child of Viprachitti and his better half Simhika, the sister of Prahlada. the enthusiast of Lord Vishnu. Ketu is the eviscerated group of which Rahu is the head. The demi divine beings or the Devas were losing their magnificence and power because of a revile by sage Durvasas and the lord of Devas the relentless Indra has lost his kingdom, the paradise to Asuras or the fallen angels.

The Devas moved toward preeminent dad, and maker or universe, Lord Brahma for help, who guided them to Lord Vishnu, the preserver of universe. Ruler Vishnu made an arrangement and proposed Devas to approach the Asuras and approach them for their co task in stirring the powerful sea to get amrita, the nectar of eternality, which Devas and Asuras can separate among themselves and can wind up undying. The Devas moved toward Asuras who concurred as this assignment required consolidated endeavors of both Devas and Asuras.

They began stirring utilizing Mount Mandara as a pole and the Serpent Vasuki as a rope. Master Vishnu manifested as a Tortoise to hold up the mountain on his back. As the agitating of the sea began a few things energed thus, beginning with toxic substance Halahala which compromised to devastate all the universe yet Lord Shiva kept it in his throat, without gulping it. Kamadhenu, the desire satisfying dairy animals, divine steed Ucchaishravas, Airavata, the heavenly elephant, the Kausthubha pearl, the Parijataka (wish-satisfying tree), Apsaras, the excellent celestials house keepers, Lakshmi, the goddess of thriving, Varuni, the goddess of alcohol seemed one by one. At last Dhanvantari, the divine force of prescription, showed up holding the pot of amrita. The Asuras commandingly grabbed it, and would not offer it to Devas.

Ruler Vishnu at that point manifested as Mohini, the magician, the most wonderful female structure known to man. Devas knew this arrangement and controlled themselves however the Asuras were overpowered with desire for her and consented to her choice for conveyance of nectar according to her standards. She asked all the Devas and Asuras to sit in a line and began disseminating nectar first to Devas. Rahu masked himself as one of the Devas and sat between the Sun and Moon divine beings, who remembered him and disclosed to Vishnu who was as Mohini. Ruler Vishnu disjoined Rahu's head with his disk, the sudarshan charka however not before he figured out how to drink a drop of the nectar and wind up unfading.

Consequently his Head and Body wind up independent yet both end up everlasting as isolated substance because of nectar. The Head is known as Rahu and the headless body is the Ketu. From that point forward Rahu and Ketu continually pursue Sun and Moon for retribution for they are the reason for isolating head and body of the demon Rahu. Furthermore, when they succeed getting Sun and Moon they swallow them causing Solar or Lunar overshadowing yet they cannot hold them for long and Sun and Moon develops again unblemished as they likewise had nectar and are eternal.

Rahu, the eighth planet, in shadows and like Ketu, this planet is additionally not noticeable in the cosmic system. A mine of data about Rahu is accessible in Brahma puraana, Mahabhagavata, Mahabharat, Matsya puraan, Vishnu puraan and Rigved.

Rahu was destined to Simhika and Viprachitti. Rahu's mom simhika (otherwise called Simhita) was the little girl of Hiranyakashyapa (Bhakta Prahlada's dad). There are a few siblings to Rahu and they are Salya, Nabha, Vaataapi, Ilvala and Namuchi. It is additionally trusted that Rahu is the oldest of the 100 siblings. He likewise has a sister by name Maahishmati.Born into paithenasa gotra, He was conceived in the year parthiva in bhaadrapada maasa, krishna paksha on the fourteenth day of the wanning moon on a Sunday. Two days before NAVRATRI. Visakha is his introduction to the world star.

It so happened that Sukracharya (Venus) was honored with the learning of "Sanjivani Mantra" otherwise called the Maha Mrityunjay Mantra after extraordinary tapasya to help all individuals (all inclusive advantage). Furnished with this information, Sukracharya could now resuscitate all the dead individuals. In any case, Asuraguru as he might have been, he utilized the information to help the Asuras Contrary to the reason for which he was honored with this mantra. Outfitted with the forces of Sukracharya, the Asuras assaulted Devas. Sukracharya would resuscitate all the dead Asura fighters while those then again the Devas were getting executed. In the long run, being immensely dwarfed, Indra lost his kingdom.When the vanquished Devas moved toward Lord Vishnu for his assurance, he exhorted them to perform "Samudra Manthan" to achieve Amrit (Nectar) devouring which would make them unfading.

Rahu and Ketu is considered as two in number planets according to the standards of Vedic Astrology. However, cosmically, they don't exist. Since Rahu and Ketu are accepted to strongly affect our lives, they are meant as numerical focuses while making counts in Vedic Astrology.

At the point when Moon moves from South to North in its circle and crosses Sun's way – the cut point is called Rahu or Dragon's Head. At the point when Moon travels towards South and crosses the Sun's way – the entry point is called Ketu or Dragon's Tail. This point is at 180 degree separate from the recently referenced cut point (Rahu).

In Vedic Astrology, Rahu and Ketu are given high significance. Yet, why? For what reason are these cut focuses considered so imperative? The general clarification is that Sun speaks to body while Moon speaks to mind and these entry point focuses emphatically influence the energies of these two planets.

Rahu and Ketu are not stationary. In a year, they move 19 degrees and 30 minutes which implies that Rahu and Ketu take 18 years and a half year to finish 1 round around Earth. These two planets travel in retrograde movement (in inverse course to every single other planet).

Folklore Reference

This story identifies with the extraordinary beating of the sea by theGods and the Demons to take out remedy of life. Ruler Vishnu needed to guarantee that the solution did not achieve the hands of the Demons. In the event that they grasped the elixir, they would crush the world, Lord Vishnu dreaded. In this way, Lord Vishnu appeared as Mohini. Mohini so moved the sitting course of action that she got to the Gods first. The devil to catchthis trap was Swarbhanu. He appeared as a divine being and situated himself in the middle of Sun and Moon. At the point when his term came he additionally gotten solution from the hidden Lord Vishnu. BeforeSwarbhanu could drink the remedy Sun and Moon recognized him. Ruler Vishnu disjoined off his head with Sudarshan Chakra. In any case, a few drops of mixture of life had gone down his neck henceforth both the head and body ended up godlike.

The disjoined head was taken bySimihika, the mother of demonSwarbhanu, and breast fed calmly. The head over some undefined time frame got the body of a snake and he was named Rahu. A Brahmin named Mini took the body. He raised this body as his very own child. To this body Lord Vishnugranted a snake's head. This progressed toward becoming Ketu who in the proper method of time turned into a righteous and venerated soothsayer.

Nonetheless, Rahu and Ketu never exculpated Sun and Moon for uncovering them. In this manner, they cause shrouds.

The significance of Rahu need not be overemphasized. This malefic planet possesses a huge spot in the rundown of divine bodies. Rahu is viewed as a shadow planet according to the antiquated study of Astrology, which means it has no genuine physical presence. In any case, its malefic impact is extremely solid and its essence is said to make the lives of locals exceptionally troublesome. The nearness of Rahu in people groups' horoscope means karma subjugation descending from the past births.

The arrangement of Rahu with various planets makes distinctive kinds of servitudes (issues). According to the Indian custom, Rahu speaks to the head. As per the Hindu conviction, Rahu can not segregate among great and abhorrent, thus it neutralizes the benchmarks of honorableness (Dharma). Rahu is expressed to be uninformed about the profound subjects and it is a captive to the Cosmic Game of Illusion (Maya).

Rahu: Is The Cause Of Every Living Being's Illusion

It is a general conviction that Rahu dependably inconveniences the locals. Rahu-Ketu don't have genuine physical presence. They are shadow planets which have appeared by explicit planetary positions. Rahu-Ketu don't navigate the ways gone by Moon and different planets. While ascending, the point where Moon's circle crosses the ecliptic moves toward becoming Rahu. In the switch movement, the point where Moon's circle crosses the ecliptic progresses toward becoming Ketu. Regardless of lacking genuine physical presence, Rahu-Ketu have come to get critical positions in the exploration of planets and fate. Would you like to know the effect of Rahu-Ketu travel on your life? Purchase Rahu Ketu Transit Report For All Areas Of Life.

Rahu is expressed to be the reason for each living being's hallucination. Rahu planet is expressed to be solid for the individuals who are master warriors or collectors of Param Vir Chakra. Rahu yearns for opportunity. It creates associations with each individual just to serve its childish advantages. Rahu is likewise accepted to achieve changes in the living arrangement, companions and motivation behind its locals. As Rahu is exceedingly narrow minded, so it causes an expansion in threats.

Rahu: Relationship With The Other Planets And Signs

The main characteristics of Rahu are ill will, ailment and obligation. Those affected by Rahu are accepted to be brimming with self-assurance, courage and boldness. Due to its characteristics, the impact of Rahu has expanded in this Kali Yug. Rahu gives data about the perplexing subjects, puzzles and unexplored zones of the world. At the point when Rahu involves Mercury's sign, it gets even more dominant. Needing to know the effect of Rahu Ketu on your profession? Get Rahu-Ketu Transit Report For Career.

Rahu is likewise solid in the Virgo sign. Rahu has no indication of its own, so it impacts like the ruler of any house, which it possesses. In the event that Rahu is sitting alone in the middle or is in a triangular position with the master of that house, at that point it impacts the local more. According to the art of Astrology, Rahu gets solid in the third, sixth and the eleventh houses. In the event that Rahu lines up with a promising Lord, at that point the mix gives great outcomes. Rahu falls apart the disposition of any planet with which it meets up.

Rahu: It's Other Implications

While the collusion of Venus and Rahu makes the local envious, Rahu meeting up with Jupiter brings forth Guru Chandal Yoga. Rahu-Mars coming into an association with Scorpio prompts locals adjusting calling of intoxicants like opium, alcohol and different medications. Rahu advantages such callings. Then again, if Rahu meets up with promising Mercury, it can encourage the local to wind up a businessman or a researcher. Notwithstanding, if Rahu meets up with Mercury in a foreboding position, it very well may be unfortunate for the locals.

Rahu gives unfavorable outcomes on the off chance that it is in the sixth, eighth or twelfth house or on the off chance that it exists in these houses is related to the master of these houses. Rahu additionally symbolizes learning, in any case, in nearness of malefic planets this trait can have a turn around effect and it can make the local rationally frail or rationally imbalanced. It is said that Rahu produces distinctive kinds of results in the horoscopes of various individuals. Along these lines, before tuning in about the effect of Rahu-Ketu from celestial prophets, you ought to comprehend your horoscope well.

Rahu: How Can It Be Beneficial

In the event that Rahu frames a propitious position in the horoscope and the local is a calling fit to Rahu, it can empower him/her to achieve extraordinary statures.

Rahu's arrangement with favorable planet gives great outcomes to the locals:

In the event that Rahu is with Sun or is in the Sun's nakshatra (heavenly body), it prompts the much looked for after Rajyog.

In the event that Rahu is with Moon or in the Moon's nakshatra (heavenly body), at that point the local may achieve accomplishment in the field of agribusiness. Additionally, Rahu causes an expansion in money related investment funds and it makes circumstances for adventures over the oceans.

On the off chance that Rahu is with Mars or in a nakshatra (group of stars) of Mars, at that point the local may land the position of a prison guard. Rahu additionally benefits those regions which are profited by Mars.

On the off chance that Rahu exists with Mercury in Mercury's nakshatra (heavenly body), the local is honored with employments in business, the board or advanced education.

On the off chance that Rahu exists with Jupiter or in Jupiter's nakshatra (heavenly body), local might be fruitful in winning races. Furthermore, the local gets the delight of a child/little girl and he/she may build up an enthusiasm for otherworldly subjects.

The nearness of Rahu with Venus or in the nakshatra (group of stars) of Venus makes the local attractive, a craftsmanship sweetheart or even a craftsman.

In the event that Rahu is available in a favorable position with Saturn or in Saturn's nakshatra (group of stars), at that point the local may get achievement in specialized or business occupations. In any case, the psychological tranquility of the local is bothered in such a circumstance.

In the event that Rahu-Ketu are situated in great positions in the ir possess nakshatra (group of stars), they may give great outcomes to the local.

Rahu Kaal speaks to the unfavorable hours of multi day. According to Hindu Astrology, Rahu Kaal happens among dawn and dusk for around one and half hours. Rahu Kaal for every day in seven days is unique and is determined at dawn and nightfall. No propitious work is to be started or venture embraced amid this time since it won't yield a positive or helpful outcome. It is trusted that Rahu Kaal won't influence the work, adventure or exchange as of now in advancement. The deal or buy of any benefits is additionally debilitated amid Rahu Kaal.

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