Pitru Dosh is one of the necessary ideas in Indian star divination. However, it's usually mistaken because the curse of ancestors. a close info regarding 'Pitru Dosh'. Astrosaze explains.

What Is Pitru Dosh?

Pitra Dosh isn't the curse of ancestors or forefathers. person having Pitru Dosh in his horoscope. In easy words, a Pitru Dosh is created within the horoscope of someone, therefore reciprocally, this person is meant to pay the Karmic debt by researching totally different punishments determined for those debts in numerous spheres of his life. He must bear this till the debt is cleared either by taking the penalization or by doing smart deeds.

What star divination Says regarding Pitru Dosh?

Astrology includes a excellent clarification to the current drawback. When, wittingly or inadvertently, our ancestors committed mistakes or sins, it's mirrored in our horoscope as Pitru Dosh or Pitru Rina. Being their youngsters, we tend to are destined to suffer from the ill-effects. thanks to the malevolent effects of the inflicted planets, beneficent planets additionally stop giving favourable results.

Planetary Positions For Pitru Dosh

These Doshas are mirrored in our Horoscope by bound planetary positions.The following are common planetary positions, that type varied styles of pitra  Doshas:

Venus,Saturn and Hindu deity or 2 of those 3 are  settled within the fifth House of horoscope- The Sun becomes malevolent and shows its unwell effects on the native.

Ketu is settled within the fourth House of horoscope. One receives the malevolent effects of Planet Moon.

Mercury or Ketu or each ar settled in first or eighth House within the horoscope- Mars offers inauspicious results to the native.

Moon is settled within the third or sixth House of the horoscope of the native- The native suffers from the malevolent effects of planet Mercury.

Venus,Mercury or Hindu deity, any 2 of those 3 or all the 3 planets ar settled in second or fifth or ninth or twelfth House of the horoscope of the native- the earth Jupiter offers inauspicious results.

If Sun or Moon or Hindu deity or any 2 out of those 3 or of these 3 planets ar settled within the seventh House of the horoscope- the earth Venus becomes inauspicious and offers malevolent effects to the native.

Sun,Moon or Mars or 2 out of those 3 or of these 3 ar settled in tenth or eleventh House within the horoscope- Saturn offers malevolent effects because it becomes inauspicious thanks to the on top of placement.

Sun or Venus or each are settled in twelfth House within the horoscope- Hindu deity offers unhealthy results to the native because it is rendered inauspicious thanks to this planetary position.

Moon or Mars is settled in sixth House in horoscope- Ketu offers unhealthy results to the native.

Pitra Dosh Remedies For Rahu-Ketu

Whenever Pitru Dosh is found within the native's birth chart, besides regular remedies, one ought to provide food to crows, street dogs and sweepers throughout 'Shradhas' (the satellite paksha dedicated to the forefathers.

In sacred text star divination, offerings for Hindu deity and Ketu ar given to alleviate the Pitru Dosh - if the curses of forefathers found within the natal chart within the style of shut afflictions of Hindu deity and Ketu / or aspects on purposeful benefics / or continuance of malevolent planets dasha periods. Services to folks, senior and destitute individuals, sweeper and poor individuals is usually recommended.

Remedies for Hindu deity and Ketu. weekday is taken into account because the day for Ketu. Friday and Sabbatum ar thought-about because the days for Hindu deity. like propitiatory charities for crows, street dogs & sweepers severally. Crows in mythological literature represent forefathers. Ketu represents non secular individuals.

Remedies for Hindu deity and Ketu. Week day is taken into account because the day for Ketu. Friday and Sabbatum ar thought-about because the days for Hindu deity.

Pitra Dosh Remedies For alternative Planets

Remedies for the moon and sun

Mother/Father/King in mythological literature represent the Sun & the Moon, once afflicted/ill placed within the natal chart, ar believed to be attributed to the incorrect deeds done to folks. the popular propitiatory charities ar counseled. For the sun & the moon- feed cow/ox.

Remedies for Venus

The preferred propitiatory charities are counseled for the needy/poor ladies, wife, etc. shut affliction/ill placement of Venus within the natal chart is believed to be attributed to ill-treating females or one's spouse in previous lives.

Remedies for Saturn

The preferred propitiatory charities/services are counseled for the poor individuals. The shut affliction, unwell placement of Saturn within the natal chart is believed to be attributed to the incorrect deeds to servants or poor individuals in one's previous lives.

Remedies for Jupiter

The preferred propitiatory charities/services are counseled for Jupiter (Guru), learned individuals and husband. The shut affliction of Jupiter within the natal chart is believed to be attributed to wrong deeds done to learned individuals, one's guru and one's husband within the case of females within the previous lives.

Kartik Janma Dosha

The month of Kartik consistent with Hindu mythology starts in middle October and ends in middle November. Sun is taken into account weak throughout now, so affects you and your family within the style of Kartik janma dosha. Sun is taken into account because the reason of health, father, senior voters, name and fame. an individual born throughout this era can sure as shooting have the Kartik janma dosha.

Manglik Dosh

According to religious text pseudoscience, Mangal Dosh is that the most typical Dosh, five hundredth of the individuals have Mangal Dosh in their birth chart and Mangal Dosh happens once the Mars planet gift in one, 4, 7, 8, 12 house. the most important idea of Mangal Dosh in religious text pseudoscience is that the death of partner if one suffers from Manglik Dosh. This happens once Manglik person married to non-Manglik person. Manglik Doshas in religious text pseudoscience isn't there if mars is gift in its own house. even though your ninth house has sturdy advantages planet, then the result of mars placed within the seventh and eighth house are canceled.

Nadi Dosh

Astrologically, Nadi Dosh happens once 2 individuals with similar Nadi hook up with. Nadi is one among the eight aspects that are thought-about whereas checking your compatibility together with your partner.

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