Panchang Today

Panchang or Panchangam is associate degree ancient religious writing calendar during a tabulated kind that helps to arrange for travel, work, money, love, etc, well before. it's merely associate degree Indian religious writing almanac. it's evolved for the past 5000 years just about. The theories found within the 2 scriptures specifically , Surya Siddhanta  kind the idea for the panchang. In English Panchang is termed as yearbook.

Panchang is that the most correct one on cyber web with calculations supported Indian pseudoscience Computations. you'll be able to get to understand the panchang of the present day further because the past and also the future days. This panchang has been calculated for Indian time and works for Chennai, 5:30 AM temporal arrangement.

The word Panchang comes from “Panch” which means 5 and “ang” which means facet. Panchang offers you the auspicious and inauspicious timings of any day. It offers the Day, the Tithi, the Nakshtra, the Yoga, and also the Karana of the Day. thence the name Panchang.

The calculations for the panchang area unit supported the position of the assorted planets and constellations. in brief it's a reckoned to search out out if any day is appropriate for activities like obtaining married, happening a visit, coming into a replacement house, beginning one thing new, etc. you wish not entirely place confidence in associate degree predictor if you're well versed with the panchang.

Panchang in Hindu star divination or Indian religious writing star divination may be a form of  Hindu Almanac. virtually it suggests that  "Five Limbs (parts)". it's associate degree pseudoscience diary that provides helpful pseudoscience data needed by associate degree predictor. it's consulted for locating associate degreed choosing an applicable and auspicious time for necessary occasions, ceremonies or actions like wedding, education, travel, beginning new business or project, examination, interview etc.

Panchāngams area unit printed in Asian country by several authors, societies, academies, and universities. disagreeent|completely different} publications differ solely circumstantially, a minimum of for an off-the-cuff or not nevertheless trained reader. They forecast celestial phenomena like star eclipses, foretelling weather (rain, dry spells) further as additional mundane occurrences.

It is associate degree ancient technique to synchronize our actions with smart times thus on scale back obstacles and increase our possibilities for fulfillment . In alternative words, it helps in knowing what days and times area unit smart for a private and which of them could cause issues thus on avoid them. it's clear that Panchang may be a useful and sensible use of Indian religious writing star divination and with its facilitate, we will apprehend the character and quality of any day before. the idea is that point is associate degree energy having distinctive qualities which might be reined sure our comprehensive improvement.

Why follow Panchang?

The idea of panchang's utility is at heart {the associate degreecient|the traditional} belief or the law of nature in step with which each action brings an equal and opposite reaction. So, after we act harmonized with the environment, the environment successively exercise a harmonious influence on us. The fruit of acting in such fashion is that the creation of harmony, peace and stability in our lives. Taking into thought that point may be a invaluable resource, the information of panchang permits one to know the standard of a specific moment or time and thereby facilitate one to measure in tune with nature or time.

2. Tithi :

Tithi  (along with Paksha) is that the day in step with the Hindu calendar.  The Hindu calendar consists of a dark and a bright time period additionally referred to as paksha). once the moon completes twelve degrees of its movement on the Sun, it is named a Tithi or Hindu day. There area unit thirty tithis during a month. Tithis belong to either Shukl paksh (the moon is waxing) or avatar paksha (the moon is wanning). There area unit many rituals and festivals related to Tithis. Most of the festivals fall on the new phase of the moon day (amavsaya) or the complete moon day (poornima). It ought to be noted that beginning and ending of a Tithi depends upon the degree of the Moon from that of the Sun. therefore a Tithi will begin or finish at any time during a day.

3.  Nakshatra:

Nakshatras area unit the stellar constellations or satellite mansions. virtually this word suggests that doesn't decay.”

There area unit twenty-seven Nakshatras thought of in religious writing star divination. each of them has 13 degree and twenty minutes of the zodiac. Nakshatra is familiar with facilitate of degrees of Moon during a explicit sign at the time of birth.

The Nakshatras influence the standard of the Rashi during which they're positioned. The sequence of the twenty seven Nakshatras begins with Ashwini Nakshatra in Mesha Rashi.

Each Nakshatra features a planetary lord used for Vimsottari Dasa and K.P. calculations. The years appointed to the signs area unit the Mahadasa durations of Vimsottari Dasa.

Nakshatra additionally indicate Yoni, Gan and Nadi of a private that area unit represented below:

4.    Yoga:

A Yog is obtained from the add of the Nirayna line of longitude of the Moon and Sun and also the add is split into twenty seven components of 13°20' every. the primary yog ( Viskumbh) ends once the add is 13°20'. Second Yog ( Priti) ends once it's 26°40' and then on .

5.    Karana:

Half of Tithi is named `Karna'. A Karna is completed once the Nirayana line of longitude of the Moon gains each 6° thereon of Sun. In every Tithi there area unit 2 Karans covering the 2 halves of the Tithi.

There area unit eleven karnas in total. Four of them occur only once a month and area unit referred to as the mounted Karanas: Kintughna, Chatushpada, Sakuni and Naga.

The other seven area unit movable Karanas. They follow each other during a mounted rotation: Bava, Balava, Kaulava, Taitila, Gara, Vanija and Vishti.

Each of the Karanas is claimed to possess its own influence and interpretation. ‘Vishti’ is taken into account the foremost inauspicious karana. No necessary or new work is finished throughout the amount of this karana.


Rahu kalam features a vital place in religious writing star divination because it facilitate in deciding the inauspicious period of time with during a complete day for beginning any new, auspicious or necessary work.

Though, RahuKalam is calculated with facilitate of Sun-Rise and Sun-Set time. Hence, this is often obvious that it'll dissent from place to put.


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