Mars or mangal is one of the incredible planets in Astrology and speaks to control, specialist, kin, wars, military, weapons, clashes, administrators, rulers, viciousness, mechanical designing, self image, metals, energy, desire, medical procedure, specialists, careful instruments, blood, blood donation centers, physical power and mishaps

Mars (Mangal) : Astronomy

Red shaded Mars or mangal is the fourth planet from the sun. It is the closest earth from the earth. It is the seventh biggest planet in the nearby planetary group. It is known as a red planet in view of its red-orange appearance. This appearance Is brought about by the iron oxide present on it's surface. The separation between the Mars and Sun is around 141.6 million miles. It is littler than earth and it's span is around half of the range of Earth. It's mass is 11.2% of the mass of Earth. Mars is having the most elevated mountain in the close planetary system which is called Olympus Mons. It's surface is brimming with valleys, volcanoes, cavities and ice tops on shafts.

Soothsaying of Mars or Mangal : Importance of Mars in horoscope

In the investigations of Astrology, planet Mangal has been the most strong divine being by virtue of it's great quality and high mastery upon the horoscope diagrams of mortal creatures. Mangal is the manly planet which communicates all the intense shades of manly qualities containing quality of body, overwhelming demeanor, forcefulness, boldness, valor, accept on self and brimming with vitality. Because of this it is accepted to mirror every last bit of it's credits to the people encased in the repressions of planet Mars. Because of the equivalent, Mangal is accepted to be the at the spot of president in the get together of nine planets and leads them. For further expansion to this, Mars has been seen as the divine force of war since ages.

Mars or Mangal has his circle around Sun for 687days as spending approx 57. 25days in every zodiac sign. The cycle of Mars enters the life of a person at 28 years old to 33yrs out of the blue and after that also, at 63 years old to 68yrs which returns third time at 98 years old to 103yrs.

Mangal administers over Aries and Scorpio zodiac signs. It is magnified in Capricorn. It is lifted up in Virgo and weakened in Cancer. Sun, Moon, Jupiter are companions of it while Mars and Venus are impartial towards it. Saturn, Rahu, Ketu is the foe of Mars

Mangal is viewed as malefic in Vedic crystal gazing however its consequence differs from individual to individual as indicated by the it's positions in a specific house, it's lordship and as per the ascendant of horoscope of a specific individual. Mangal is especially benefic for Cancer and Leo ascendant individuals as it a yoga karaka planet for these ascendants. For Aries and Scorpio ascendant individuals, Mangal is the ascendant ruler so it is the exceptionally benefic planet for these individuals. If there should arise an occurrence of houses, Mars position in 3rd,6th, tenth and eleventh houses is viewed as great. It is especially amazing in tenth house as it gets directional quality in this house. Mangal' s situations in kendras other than tenth house are not viewed as great aside from it is ascendant ruler or the yoga karaka planets. A lifted up Mars would cause it's expanded characteristics throughout person's life while an incapacitated Mars would cause debasement in each quality given by the blemishes

The ground-breaking, lifted up, very much put Mars can cause extraordinary self quality and trust, hurriedness and goal-oriented practices, likewise have the shades of authenticity, equity, legitimate administration, regulatory capacities, standards, feeling of direction and free demeanor. The individual with the incredible blemishes would be eager, having high confidence, self-conviction and numerous ethics. He would have great initiative aptitudes. The individual would be daring and put parcel of endeavors to improve his life. The individual would have lesser or no malignance in heart and would help other people at the place of need. He would dependably shield his very own rights or the privileges of longshots. This mangal would enable him to ascend in nurturing him an amazing position. He would be great in sentiment and would be expressive of his emotions.

On the opposite side, if the Mangal is malefic or akaraka or weakened for the horoscope or not well set or incapacitated then its evil effects are likewise extreme. Mars set in eighth house cause mishaps and in fifth house, it cause deferral and hindrance in labor. The general aftereffects of a malefic blemishes incorporates hindrances, obstacles, breaks, mishaps, squabbles, absence of assurance and self-conviction, meekness, awful family life, mental pressures, misery, wounds and blood related illnesses.

Manglik dosha or Mangal dosh

The most significant sick effect of mangal is in type of manglik dosha. Manglik dosha is framed when it is put either in first house, fourth house, seventh house , eighth house or twelfth house. This dosha cause delay in marriage, awful conjugal life, question, fights in conjugal life, separate and even the passing of life partner. Be that as it may, these outcomes changes as per the quality of manglik dosha in one's horoscope and unevenness of manglik dosha in the horoscope of the lady and man of the hour. On the off chance that the blemishes is set in first house or seventh hosue, the manglik dosha will be generally extreme. The manglik dosha by whatever remains of the arrangements are more fragile in nature.

Body Parts and Diseases constrained by Mangal

The zodiac in which defaces is set in a horoscope is the blemishes indication of the individual. Mars sign chooses the nobility of this planet in the horoscope. In Human Body, it manages the head, blood, muscles, pineal organ private parts, bladder, cervix, rear-end, genito-urinary tract, prostate organ. The not well put mangal may cause Headache, headache, sinus issues, head colds, nosebleeds, fever, irritation, discharge, hypertension, ejections, copies, singes, creepy crawly nibbles and stings

Red hued Mars is one of the external planets. Truth be told, it is the closest earth from the earth. The mean separation between the Sun and Mars is 141 million miles. Mars take 687 days to spin around the Sun. Mars is littler than the earth and its breadth is around 4, 200 miles. It is simply twofold the measure of Moon. Its mass is around 1/tenth the mass of the earth. Mars takes 24hours 37 minutes and 23 seconds to pivot on its hub. Mars looks like our earth in different ways particularly with respect to time of pivot and to the tilt in hub, which makes us feel that it is a gotten away satellite of Earth.


As indicated by Hindu Mythology Managal is considered as Bhumi – putra. He is viewed as the child of mother Earth. It is said that when earth was lying submerged in immense scope of the ocean. Master Vishnu in his Varaha Avatar lifted the earth and brought it out and put it in an appropriate circle. Mother earth was thankful and requested a female aid. "O God give me an offspring of yours!" To which God concurred. Mangal is the aftereffect of this faithful association with the saved Earth. One such story identifies with Mars being the child of Lord Shiva and mother earth.

In western folklore Mars is considered as God of war and furthermore chasing. In the book of scriptures Mars is symbolized by the fallen angel. It is the God of power and vitality. Mars is viewed as the Commander in head of the heavenly armed forces.

Celestial Significance:

Following are a portion of the meaning of Mars according to Uttara Kalamrita

It is for the most part observed that a solid Mars will give a decent outcome regarding previously mentioned implications while a powerless Mars speaks to the lack of the equivalent.

Other Astrological Considerations:

Mangal claim two signs in particular Mesha and Vrischik. It is profoundly lifted up at 28 degrees Makara and profoundly crippled at 28 degrees Karkata. Its Mooltrikona Rashi is Mesha. Mars speaks to ones quality and it holds the position of Commander in Chief in the Planetary Cabinet. His stature is high and has a crimson composition; Kartikeya speaks to it. It is of manly sex having prevalence of Fire. It is of Kshatriya Varna having the prevalence of Tamsik Gunas.

Mars is savage, has dark red eyes, and is flighty disapproved, liberal hearted, bilious and has dainty abdomen and slim build. It speaks to bone marrow and lives in the spot of flame and it speaks to multi day ( Ahoratra i.e., a period from one dawn to other dawn). It speaks to unpleasant taste; it is solid in the south heading. It is well disposed to Sun, Moon and Jupiter. It is hostile to Mercury and impartial to Venus and Saturn.

The Red Planet

Mars is a little rough body once thought to be Earthlike. Like the other earthbound planets—Mercury, Venus, and Earth—its surface has been changed by volcanism, impacts from different bodies, developments of its outside, and environmental impacts, for example, dust storms. It has polar ice tops that develop and subside with the difference in seasons; regions of layered soils closesss to the Martian posts recommend that the planet's atmosphere has changed more than once, maybe brought about by a standard change in the planet's circle.

Martian tectonism, the arrangement and change of a planet's outside layer, varies from Earth's. Where Earth tectonics include sliding plates that crush against one another or spread separated in the ocean depths, Martian tectonics appear to be vertical, with hot magma pushing upwards through the covering to the surface.

Occasionally, extraordinary residue storms overwhelm the whole planet. The impacts of these tempests are sensational, including goliath rises, wind streaks, and wind-cut highlights.

Water on Mars?

Researchers trust that 3.5 billion years back, Mars encountered the biggest known floods in the nearby planetary group. This water may even have pooled into lakes or shallow seas. In any case, where did the old floodwater originate from, to what extent did it last, and where did it go?

At present, Mars is excessively cold and its environment is too meager to even think about allowing fluid water to exist at the surface for long. There's water ice near the surface and more water solidified in the polar ice tops, however the amount of water required to cut Mars' extraordinary channels and flood fields isn't apparent on—or close to—the surface today. Pictures from NASA's Mars Global Surveyor rocket recommend that underground holds of water may get through the surface as springs. The appropriate responses may lie far below Mars' red soil.

Disentangling the account of water on Mars is vital to opening its past atmosphere history, which will enable us to comprehend the development all things considered, including our own. Water is likewise accepted to be a focal element for the commencement of life; the proof of past or present water on Mars is relied upon to hold pieces of information about past or present life on Mars, just as the potential forever somewhere else known to mankind. Furthermore, before people can securely go to Mars, we have to discover substantially more about the planet's condition, including the accessibility of assets, for example, water.

Mountains, Moons, and the sky is the limit from there

Mars has some wonderful land qualities, including the biggest volcanic mountain in the close planetary system, Olympus Mons; volcanoes in the northern Tharsis district that are so immense they disfigure the planet's roundness; and a colossal central break valley, the Valles Marineris. This ravine framework extends a separation comparable to the separation from New York to Los Angeles; Arizona's Grand Canyon could without much of a stretch fit into one of the side gulches of this extraordinary gap.

Mars likewise has two little moons, Phobos and Deimos. Albeit nobody knows how they framed, they might be space rocks trapped by Mars' gravity.

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