Ketu, as previously mentioned is a shadow planet or chaya grah, and carries on likewise to the planet of Mars. It is neighborly with Mercury, Saturn and Venus. Its prime adversaries are the Moon, the Sun, Mars, and it is impartial with Jupiter.

Ketu is a headless, half planet, the south or dropping Node of the Moon additionally called the tail of the winged serpent. It is a shadow planet as it is undetectable and is only a point in the infinite course of action. It is the karaka of Moksha, the reason of freedom. It drives individuals towards mysticism, edification, austerity and it liberates the individual from the shackles of common wants. In any case, it is a malefic planet, not as malefic as Rahu but rather it gives the locals with different mishappenings throughout everyday life, with the aim to enable us to achieve liberation.

It frets about after life encounters, profound learning, separation from the world, the idea of nobility and karma. It is said that Rahu is the provider and Ketu is the taker. Be that as it may, there is a more profound importance. Rahu makes an individual liberal, stuck in realism and common solaces while Ketu gets separated from empty undertakings. It guides us towards freedom. Rahu is about happiness and common solaces while Ketu is about illumination and astuteness. Here is a nitty gritty investigation of this shadow planet according to Vedic Astrology to enable you to comprehend it better.

With a symbolism of a headless, half-bodied, smoky planet, Ketu is commonly known as the planet of dream, separation, otherworldliness, plainness, insider facts, aside from different things. Vedic Scriptures hold him as Tamasik and malefic in nature, yet not as malefic as Rahu. Rahu and Ketu are half-bodied; Rahu with the upper half and Ketu with the lower half. Along these lines, separately, every one of the shadow planet's structure is deficient, which symbolizes their endless mission for fulfillment and satisfaction.

It is said that Rahu gives, while Ketu removes. In any case, there is a more profound importance to this tale. Rahu speaks to supreme realism, while Ketu represents unadulterated separation and a profoundly determined common detach. In this way, Rahu will in general suffocate the individual increasingly more into common satisfactions and liberalities, attracting the local towards deceptions and enticements, while Ketu will endeavor to drive him towards otherworldliness and increasing higher astuteness. So as to accomplish that Ketu is accepted to remove the material belongings, bringing about monetary emergencies for an individual. Another contrast among Rahu and Ketu is that Rahu is known to be specifically fiendish, malefic, savage and unrefined, while Ketu is nearly the equivalent, however it works in a moderately unobtrusive way. In this manner, nuance is the meager line among Rahu and Ketu. Additionally, it is seen that while Rahu is oppressive and totalitarian in nature, Ketu is accommodating and helpless.

According to numerous old Astrology writings, Ketu is baffling with complete vulnerability about its structure, presence, action, considerations, inclinations and conduct. It is extremely hard to foresee or fathom what might mix inside the being of Ketu. Ketu is additionally, by and large, the least discussed planet in Astrology, and there dependably remains an atmosphere of unbounded puzzle and interest about Ketu and its attributes. Despite the fact that much writing has been formed about Ketu and its ways and characteristics, Astrologers have never been totally ready to translate the precise picture of Ketu.

For the most part, to comprehend an individual's conduct, demeanors, contemplations, sentiments, feelings, nature, you have to know his face, appearance, non-verbal communication, eye development and such substantial properties, however in what capacity will you know anything unmistakably about an individual who does not have a chest area? OK have the capacity to know where and what he is seeing, what are his looks, what is he considering?

Does that sound odd and alarming? All things considered, that is only a precedent given by Ganesha to make it simpler for you to comprehend Ketu better! Ganesha says that as Ketu is a planet without the chest area, it carries on in an odd and vast way. Ketu is fanatical, precarious, slippery, radical and fascinating, having bestial and terrible propensities. It is known to act fanatically, now and then even without rationale and legitimate thinking, with unforgiving severity.

Ketu has the ability to shake the minds of even the most courageous! Ketu is about unpretentious, unexpected, unexposed, capricious, mystery and idle abilities and power. Ketu dependably speaks to working in an unnoticeable way. That is the reason, it itself remains the least talked about planet in Astrology. A large portion of the exercises that occur without going to individuals' notice are the exercises that are spoken to by Ketu. Consequently, Ketu can create the best witnesses and spies. The best Intelligence Officers, Undercover Agents and Covert Operations authorities typically are found to have a huge impact of Ketu in their Birth-Charts. **Other planetary mixes and factors are likewise to be examined profoundly and mulled over, however. Ganesha elucidates that the impact of Ketu isn't exclusively in charge of the previously mentioned angles, even other planetary blends and factors must be mulled over. In this manner, it tends to be said that, any zones requiring stealth, the capacity to be eccentric and the ability to overpower the restriction requires the beauty of Ketu.

The good and negative parts of Ketu:

The Positives:

Ketu can deliver the best of entertainers, exorcists, military commandants, aggressors, healers, experts of mysterious, spies, monks, recluses, scholars of profound writings, benefactors, donors, mediators of the vedic writings and mantras, designers of spots of love, manages in the religious spots, religious zealots rehearsing rigourous otherworldly exercises, and so on. It will influence the individual to trust in the philosophy of "Live straightforward, think high'. Such an individual will give more significance to fulfilling other individuals, regardless of whether he doesn't receive the required joy consequently. Because of the benefic impact of Ketu, the individual will be amazingly adaptable and versatile with a trading off nature, he will have great learning about different sciences and would be great at offering proposals to other individuals' issues, he can be a decent conversationalist, he can make benefits from any source he may incline toward. Such locals are genuine Sanyasis on a fundamental level, despite the fact that they might be encompassed with magnificent extravagances all around. Such people are the ideal contender for getting to be extraordinary scientists, givers. They may include individuals who are continually sorting out philanthropy occasions, assembling or setting up halfway houses or seniority homes, rest-houses for pioneers, otherworldliness or yoga focuses, galleries, blood-gift focuses, otherworldliness or religious shows, and so on. Such individuals are headed to go for the prosperity of others, and they may truly trust in the maxim "Administration to man is administration to God". Locals with a benefic Ketu in their Chart favors a local with a solid feeling of instinct and the capacity to anticipate the occasions that may occur later on. People with a solid Ketu can likewise turn out to be great Astrologers, Tarot-Card Readers, Writers, Teachers, Scientists, Spiritual Healers, Yoga Instructors, Forest Rangers.

The Negatives:

Ketu can offer ascent to unfeeling fan, improper heels, individuals with a propensity for mental or physical unsettling, individuals with uncommon and frightening inclinations, individuals with bizarre ailments, fakers, killers or be-headers, insane people, torturers, creature seekers, sequential executioners, and demonstrates issues and risks through felines, noxious bugs, reptiles, and so on. It is additionally seen that the callings spoken to by Ketu are the ones that include a great deal of hazard, threat, physical and mental strain. The most unsafe viewpoint around a not well arranged Ketu in the horoscope is that it might make the local experience a frightening Near-Death Experience. It very well may be a mishap, an electric stun, tumbling from a patio of a structure, a bomb blast or a psychological militant assault.

Ketu likewise administers all the infections in our body and may even influence the local to experience the ill effects of viral diseases. The people with a negative impact of Ketu in the Birth Chart might not have a decent dressing sense. Such individuals additionally will in general have weird inclinations. They may develop their facial hair for quite a while, and afterward abruptly shave it. They wear odd blends in garments and may have an awful haircut. They make need individual cleanliness, and would seem unimportant before others, because of an absence of allure and appeal. They will in general speculate their life-accomplices with no supported reason, and hence ruin their relations. They continue asserting themselves to be straightforward individuals, however their activities might be in opposition to the cases. They don't have extraordinary desire, and would likewise endeavor to persuade others to stay straightforward. They may provoke any individual who may not concur with their suppositions and thoughts. They may have a profession, wherein, regardless of extraordinary diligent work, they might be paid lesser than the standard.

The impacts of Ketu in a Birth Chart

A solid impact of Ketu in the Natal Birth-Chart additionally shows that the local will be of an obscure sort, with smothered sentiments and articulations, concealed abilities, incredible innovative power, bargaining nature, idle vicious propensities, with a derisive frame of mind, shaky and ambivalent nature, weakness, and so forth. The genuine considerations and assessments of such people can never be known. Despite the fact that such individuals will consent to what others state, there will dependably be an inside voice contradicting it. Such individuals additionally will in general exceed expectations at keeping mysteries and achieving assignments in an unnoticed way. Nonetheless, there will dependably be a sentiment of unfulfillment and disappointment enclosing the psyches of such locals. They for the most part feel that there is as yet something that they may have passed up a great opportunity upon, notwithstanding when they have accomplished what they had embarked to accomplish.

Ketu, Karma and our past lives

It is said that Ketu keeps a steady beware of our Karma, and it speaks to the parity of our Karma-whether Good or Bad. It can even be alluded to as the Celestial Accountant of the People's Karma. Ganesha says that in current terms, it tends to be even called the Virtual CCTV Camera!

Additionally, Ketu is the impression of our past Karma and our identity in our past lives. It speaks to the fields in which we have exceeded expectations in or the territories in which we had extraordinary enthusiasm for, our qualities, our affiliations associations connections, our frame of mind and conduct, and so forth in the past birth. We can get a thought of the identity/life examples of a person, by breaking down the position and nature of Ketu in the Birth-Chart or Kundali. Ganesha tries to clarify this idea with a model. On the off chance that an individual has a solid or constructive Ketu in the second House of his Birth Chart, with benefic viewpoints, at that point it means that the individual, in his past birth, would have been an extraordinary communicator or a vocalist or an educator or a speaker or would have been productive in any of the fields or territories that the second House in Astrology speaks to. On the other hand, in the event that a feeble or negative Ketu is set in the second House, at that point it speaks to that the person's spirit would have endured by virtue of family or insufficiency in discourse or issues because of sustenance or issues in the throat in the past birth.

Ketu is the impression of all the stuff of qualities and thought processes that we have brought into this birth. With a legitimate investigation of the position of Ketu in a Birth-Chart, we can likewise get an indication or a thought that in what zone an individual will undoubtedly perform well and where his interests and tendencies lie in the present birth. In this way, there is incredible significance of Ketu-the generally less discussed planet. The house which Ketu involves in a Birth-Chart is will undoubtedly have a Karmic association with the past birth and our deeds in the past life.

Ketu and its connection with Jupiter and Mercury and Ketu's job in Spirituality

As Ketu speaks to separation from common servitudes, it is otherwise called the Moksha-karaka or the factor in charge of achieving salvation. It continues helping an individual to remember the noteworthiness and significance of otherworldliness and higher insight, through different encounters. Being a philosophical planet, it likewise continually pushes an individual to continue further on the way of otherworldliness, and it might make the local look for the satisfaction through otherworldliness and theory.

It influences us to understand that the more we segregate ourselves from this materialistic and vain allurements of this world (frequently alluded to as Maya in different religious messages), the more we will almost certainly associate better to a definitive reality or the incomparable truth or the most dominant power that is GOD.

Ketu likewise frames the center line between Jupiter (Spirituality-Religion) and Mercury (Intelligence-Intellect). Since, Ketu speaks to separation and renunciation as said before, so simply in the wake of accomplishing these two phases would one be able to advance well on the way pf otherworldliness and religion.

Otherworldliness isn't just about presenting a few mantras or ruminating, it is additionally about understanding the hugeness and significance of the practices that are being finished. In this way, the assistance of Mercury is likewise required.

In summation - Spiritual Inclination (Jupiter), Logic and Understanding (Mercury) and the capacity to understand the genuine objective and separation (Ketu) meet up to create the ideal impact of accomplishing a more elevated amount of intelligence, through separation from the material. To put it plainly, Ketu goes about as an impetus in the procedures of planets of Jupiter and Mercury.

Mollifying Ketu

Presently, you realize that Ketu is very fit for giving you inconceivably positive stages throughout everyday life, given it is all around put and mollified. Here are some Vedic ways one can perform to pacify Ketu -

1) Ketu gets in all respects effectively satisfied when an individual loves Lord Ganesha. In this way, you may adore Lord Ganesha and serenade the Mantra - "Om Gan Ganapathye Namah" multiple times on Tuesdays, particularly at night time.

2) Offer Green Blades of Grass (Doorva grass) to Lord Ganesha and Hibiscus blooms.

3) Ketu speaks to the most oppressed and scorned. In this way, give assistance to the most disregarded and poor creatures and give Gray hued garments to them.

4) Keep some Doorva grass in your pocket.

5) Feed green grass (ordinary) to jackasses and asses, as they are the most disdained among creatures, in this manner Ketu will be satisfied.

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