I  would  like  to  thank  govind  baba  ji  from  whom  I  met  4years  ago  in  haridwar . he  is  genius .when  I  met  with  him  I was  really  in  trouble  my  business  was  destroyed  I  lost  my lover  but  on  that  time  baba  ji   helped  me , he  told  me  magical  spells  by  which  now my life gets completely changed and  I  am living  a  happy  life ,now  I  have  everything . I  always  be  thankful  to  govind  baba  ji.- PRAKASH SINGH, SURAT,INDIA||


Ever since when me and my husband  met with you baba ji , our life got completely changed . my husband who is in relationship with other women ,now get completely changed. Now he loves me very much , care for me , he give attention to me. It is just because of you. You told me the powerful spells by which it is possible . I will always be your thankful  to  you till my death . please keep your blessing always with me baba ji.- MONIKA SHASTRI, MUMBAI, INDIA||

Govind baba ji I talked you on phone , I told you about my girlfriend from whom I want to get marry but her family was not ready to accept me . and on that time you told me the remedy from which I get the solution. Baba ji now I married to her and me and my girl friend are living a very happy life together. Please keep your blessing on us.- MAHESH JAISWAL, LONDON||


On  November I reached to  Madhya Pradesh , where I met with one businessman , he told me about govind baba ji . because on that time I was in depression because my wife want divorce from me because her parents interfere between us and I don’t want to take divorce. My friend told me to tak with baba ji . I start communication with baba ji , he told me that how can I get the solution and how can my wife will come to me. He told me the best remedy .and just because of govind baba ji now , my wife is living with me happily and there is no misunderstanding . thank you so much baba ji. Your blessing really means  to  us.



I have a big factory of garments but in past it was on that stage of financial crises. I lost almost all things .even I am on that stage when I thought to do suicide . but one of my relative who is also a devotee of govind baba ji told me  to meet with him. I want to govind baba ji , I was really surprised  he told me that some one has done black magic on my business and they were mine enmeies. He told me the remedies and spells .by which now I have 4 garments factory and I am living a luxury life. Thank you baba ji , I will always be thankful .- KAMLESH SINGH RATHORE, AUSTRALIA||