Whenever we talk or hear about ‘Vashikaran’ we get the face of magician in front of us . we think only magician can do this vashikaran or hyptonism. But vashikaran is neither a magic which is done by magician nor it is a play of puppet. Vashikaran is purely a scientific thing. This is a internal power by which other person come in control .vashikaran is method which is used since ancient times. It is used to attract any person or to get control over others. If someone comes under the power of vashikaran , the person get force to follow the orders , he will feel bind himself. Person’s mind will not in their control he will get hyptonized .

Vashikaran is the study that can easily learn by any person .but for learning this it is important to have practice and concentration. It is not important that person should have some super power to learn this vashikaran . In the religious book like ved ,ramayan , mahabahart super power is mentioned. It is said that human beings are the real owner and controller of universe, instead humans are not aware of there powers. Like vashikaran or hyptonism somewhere we also heard the name mesmerism. Just because hyptonism and mesmerism looks similar people think that they both are same and there powers and works are also same but it is not true. In the vashikaran people are full aware that what is happening with him , he will will be fit by health instead of this people comes in the power of vashikaran and start following their orders.this what called ‘ Vashikaran’.

In reality vashikaran is used for blessing of humans .this is a scientific thing .vashikaran is not the unearthly , it is a pure secular word. In todays life hyptonism or vashikaran is also used in medical field successfully also . by hytonism people come in other person control and cal tell truth like why he did thief, to get the knowledge of past and future , and many secrets we can know by doing vashikaran or hyptonism . vashikaran can be done by controlling the mind and soul of the person . if the vashikaran is done by sadhna it becomes easy to do. But for learning vashikaran first of all you should control your mind .