Vastu vashikaran is ancient science and the first mention of vastu vashikaran is made in yajur veda .which is supposed to be 3000to 4000 year olds.we have to see first of all why we need vastu today .

As science advances , the pace of life changes . humankind is virtually at crossroads todays as belief , rituals and religion , which had helped earlier generations to lead peaceful lives , can no longer help us in the same way. Yes , vashikaran can possible by vastu . if your vastu in home , office, and shop are perfect then you can easily get vashikaran of others. It seems how it is possible . well , if in your office , home, or shop everything is according to the vastu , each and every thing is placed according to the vastu than your customer in shop, relatives, friends in home and office, can be in your control . if you are going to deal anything in business or if you want that flood of customers should be in your shop and if you want your family member , relatives in your control than vastu plays a very important role in it. Vastu vashikaran also helps in making your relationship strong and it also helps in getting ride from many problems , like enemy problem , financial problems , love problems , happiness problem , etc. In view of these present day changes , it has become necessary to look for different approaches to handle modern day problems. Man has from the beginning , desperately sought some assurances of longevity and prosperity in life . astrology , numerology , rituals , have all originated in this quest for a solution for this age-old problem. The need of the day is to look at global solution that encompasses the entire humanity , as we are living in the global village . ancient Indians had recognized that the earth itself was an energy field and we are part of it . by understanding more about these energy fields , we can put them into intelligent use.