1- take a whole black gram mix it well with mehandi and throwit wherever your lovershous. You will notice that the person will fall in your love and always be yours for life time.

2-for making happiness in family whenever you start eating dinner , firstly take one chapatti and cut it into 4 pieces , first bite for black crow , second bite for cow , third bite is for dog and fourth will be for crossroad.

3-take onebhojpatraand write the name of your enemy on it and dip it into the honey for one day , you will see your enemy will become your friend and come in your control.

4-during bathing if you puthaldi , goumutra , red-sandalwood powder on your whole body , you will notice girls and womens are attracting towards you.

5-take one birojroot and seeds ofdhaturamix it well with onion juice . and now whomever you want to getvashikaran , try that person smells this mixture, once he/she will smell it , the person will come in your control and start following your orders.

6-takevalerian ,kuth , kesar and mix it well with the blood of your smallfingure andregulary use it as tilakon your forehead , this is one of the most powerful totka for vashikaran.

7-take sendha salt , desikapoor , and mix it well with the pure honey and put it on your private part you will see the women whom you want to dovashikaran will come in your control.

8-takeneelkamal , gugal , and one matchstick and mix it all and burn It every night by chanting the name of that person whom you want to attract.

9- on Sunday night take seeds of tulsi , and mix it with the juice of sehdoi , use it as tilak on regular basis, you will notice that thewomens will start attracting towards you.

10-if you will burrythe bone of owl near the person whom you want to get attract , you will see within 3 days the person will come in your control.