For doing vashikaran of your lovr , partner , seniors , boss , or any other person it is beneficial to prepare tilak with ‘gunja’. it provides effective results . there are two types of gunja 1- white gunja 2- red gunja . the only difference between these two gunja is of colour and effectiveness . red gunja is mainly used for tantric rituals . on any Friday of rohini nakshtra or any poornima night take one gunja plant . before bringing gunja plant it is necessary to pray from gunja and make your wishes. After that spray some gangajal on the plant and place it on the spiritual place . rub gunja plant and mix it with the rose water and use daily as a tilak on your forehead. After wearing on this your forehead , you will see the person whom you want to attract will come in your control . it is one of the very effective tilak to get vashikaran of others.