Vashikaran spell which is one of the best thing in the world to learn about vashikaran . vashikaran which is used to attract others , which is used to get control over others , which is used to control the mind and heart of others , which is used to change the mindset of others . if vashikaran spell is doing for right thing , means if it is not doing to harm others than it provides the instant result without any harm . if you really want to do vashikaran spell than one thing to be sure that do not use it show others it like magic . there are some fake people who wear long saffron clothes , long beard and make people fool by saying that he will do vashikaran . vashikaran spell is a power , it is a science . vashikaran spells can be used for enemy , partner , lover , friends , family , relatives , boss , children etc. if you are suffering from enemy problem and want to change his hate into love than you can take the help of vashikaran spells , if your boss is not promoting you in office than also you can take the help of vashikaran spells , if your partner or lover is not giving you attention or is in relationship with other than also you can take the help of vashikaran spells . it works all around . vashikaran spells works everywhere , if your loved ones is living far from you and you want to get him/her back than also you can do vashikaran spells which is very helpful to him/her back. For doing vashikaran spells it is important that you do this spell in a neat and clean place , in a silent place and with pure mind and heart . while doing vashikaran spells always think about that person whom you want to attract or whom you to control . you will see within few days how your vashikaran spells works .