If I say , the meaning of vashikaran is too difficult to define than it is not wrong .it is a power of gesticulation . but when we talked about hyptonism , then it becomes more difficult to understand the meaning of vashikaran.The meaning of vashikaran is to give suggestion to others , to give advice , to get control , to attract others . if we take example like – if a person is standing near to you and he is smoking a cigratte , and if you start talking with him and said this is not cigarette , this is pencil and forcefully you are saying that this pencil than at last stage that person will also get convance from you. This is what vashikaran that person will come in your control and whatever you are saying he will say ,yes you are right.

In todays scientific world , many people do not believe on vashikaran , but the thruth is It is also a part of science. In ancient times people connect the power of mind with the god and goddess but now , it is a important part of science. Sometime it happens that from some reasons people get separated , anf just because of depression and failure in love they take the help of vashikaran . like see how much I am sad , please help me , my heart got broked . people get emotional from the words like this but only few people come in front to help .

Vashikaran is used for three things like :-

1- to treat the diseases

2- to save the patients during the pain of operation

3- for entertainment

Vashikaran is a powerful thing if you really want to get control over the mind of others than first you should control yourself . vashikaran is only used for good purpose if you will use it to harm any person than it will not work. There is a strong relation between vashikaran and imagination . like in imagination we think about the person that he/she will come in my control , exactly like this vashikaran is . in vashikaran by using super powers you can get control over the others and can also control their mind and heart . vashikaran has direct connection with mind . vashikaran effects the mind and person losses there sense and comes in your control. By vashikaran your frequency of mind gets connect with the other persons mind and when it makes strong bond , the person comes under the power of vashikaran. While doing vashikaran there is need to be sure that it is done in the presence of light because vashikaran does not work under darkness.