When we like someone and want him/her in our life this is called vashikaran. Vashikaran / hypnotism mainly performs on holi night. If you also like someone and wants someone in your life than perform the given ritual on holika fire night , vashikaran will give instant effect. And after that  vashikaran  produce  some energies by which the person whom you want to get control or vashikaran start falling in your love and do according to your will. For performing vashikaran on holi night you have to take one soil pot  and place one siddh vashikaran yantra into it and chant the given mantra continuously.

Mantra :-  om veer vetal (amuk) ke man ko meri aur fer , mere vash me kar,charno me pade ,so tale tod , soo hajar hoye ,kahu soy hoye , teh teh fat ||

After completing the chanting of mantra  , go to a silent place and burry this soil pot under the earth. And return back to hom , get fresh .after doing this spell the vashikaran mantra gets siddh . and the perform get success in vashikaran , now he/she can attract or get control over any person whom they want.