There is abundance of mohini vashikaran mantras. But there is tantric spells which are more powerful and effective. If you did lots of vashikaran spells and remedies but did not get any result , and you are fed from this than think one again , strong your will power and under the guidance of any guru or tantric start ulook mohini vashikaran. Because ulook mohini vashikaran works all around where there is crowd or free place, whether your lover is near to you or far from you. But one thing should be careful while doing this that it is one of the most powerful vashikaran spell but one side there is some bad thing of this also. Ulook mohini vashikaran used to get your lost love back , if your partner lives far from you , if you want your divorced husband/wife back in your life. Only by doing ulook mohini vashikaran It is possible to make your relationship strong , the effect of this vashikaran is for life time.ulool mohini vashikaran also used to make your child in discipline , on any Saturday night or Tuesday night catch one owl . for vashikaran place owl in front of you and make wishes that the person whom you want to get control will come under your vashikaran. And after that pull out 7 feathers from the head of owl and let the owl fly in open air. On any amavasya take 7 feathers and go to any graveyard where ashes are remaining burn and place near to it. And light 11candles also in front of you. And the idlo of bherav give some alcohol and meat to it. And make your wishes that please god the person (take the name of the person) will come in my control for life time. And chant the given mantra which is given below and also light one pure ghee lamp and place the 7 feathers on the bronze plate. Put some perfume on feathers and also tilak on it. Alos place one bowl of water and piece of kusha near to you.

Mantra :- om namo lakhsmi wahnaye kavasnha vidhvanshnayae namo vishnuye om kra kri kro swaha|

While chanting the mantra each time blow on the feathers. And with the help of kush spread some water on the feathers. You have to chant the mantra for 18,000times. After completing the ritual put all the remaining water into the root of any tree. After this ritual owl feathers becomes energetic and ready to do vashikaran, now, place all featers under red cloth and put it in a secure place. So , whenever you come in front of the person whom you want to get vashikaran , or whenever you go to meet with that person put one feather with you. This feathers works all around , in all over the world. The feathers have that energy by which within few moments the person will come in your control. This is one of the powerful ritual. Shiel chanting the mantra take the name of person in place of kavansha.

Important – while doing this ritual take one yantra or any god idol with you for safety meausres. Because there are some negative energies in graveyard which can create obstacles in your ritual so be careful while doing this. You can also take the help of protection mantra which is given below –

Bhediya baagh badhe lahuri siyar bandhe ,
Aasi assi dosh bandhe ,kalika lilar bandhe ,
Uttra , dakshin , purab , pachim badhe mari masina bandhe

You can siddh the above mantra on any night of Diwali , holi , by chanting it 10,000 times . than after it becomes siddh. This protection mantra works for life time.