Ucchatan means to make difference between two persons , to create misunderstanding and hate between two persons. If you are fed up from enemies and want to get ride from him , you can take the help of ucchatan by this your enemy will not be in his conscious. If you loved a married person and want that he/she get separated from their partners ,you can take the help of ucchatan mantra . ucchatan mantra is one of the most powerful mantra by which you can create difference between two bodies. Ucchatan mantra is used to separate two couples , two get ride from enemies or your competitors etc.

MANTRA :- om namo pitambraye amunk grehn ucchatan kuru kuru swaha | ayuti siddhi |

Procedure - the ucchatan mantra which is given above chant this for 10.000 times . on the place of amuk which is given in the mantra take the name of the person whom you want to get ucchatan . while doing this ucchatan mantra think that your spell or mantra will provide you the results very soon and this ucchatan mantra will be succeed you have to chant this ucchatan mantra continuously for 7 days . you will see within 7 days you will get the positive result and your all wishes comes true.