The people who have sun in the birth horoscope or the person suffering from the sun. If there is a problem of  from the father or in the eyes, then on Shivratri day worship  the Shivalinga, with leaves, or bell  leaves . If the person is suffering due to Mars or there is a blood related disease, on the day of Shivratri, the person should anoint Shivling from the juice of Giloy. If the person is suffering from pluto planet  or the person is suffering from skin diseases or kidney disease, on Shivaratri, on the day of Shivratri, it should be anointed with Shiva of the herb juice. If the person is suffering from the Jupiter planet or the person has a disease of chicks, atoms, or liver, then offer turmeric mixed milk on Shivaratri on Shivaratri. Sickness, feces, urine, or physical strength are caused by weekness of Venus. To get rid of the disease or to correct Venus, anointing with panchamrita, honey  on Shivling. Saturn's suffering in the horoscope leads to muscular pain, pain of joint, or many many incurable diseases. To get rid of Shani related illness, Shivling should be anointed with sugarcane juice and buttermilk on the day of Shivratri. Rahu Ketu, a shadow planet, is a cause of sickness, mental disorder, intestinal disease. To get rid of these diseases, you should recite dead Sanjivani or anoint Shivling from cannabis and dust.

To get happiness and prosperity, on Shivratri should offer a whole rice on Shivling.

To remove the marriage barrier, one hundred eight ballets should be offered on Shivling.

Mustard oil should be offered on Shivling for enemy destruction.

To obtain childhood, offering food made from wheat or wheat on Shivlinga.

Offering Jasmine oil to Shivalinga, the body gets rid of disease.

The artistry of the Kapoor removes the barrier.