To know the incidents which is going to be held in future or in astrological world can be known by owl or ullu . by doing olook sadhna couple can knows each others feelings easily . they can know that the his/her partner really loves him/her not. He/she can know is there any affairs of their partner, is their partner doing cheating with him/her . to bring couple close and to get lost love back , to solve love problems the olook sadhna used in astrological world. By doing olook sadhna tantric can tell anybody’s past , present and future easily, tantric can know everything about the person whether he/she is near to him or far from him. It is just like blessing of god shiva to the tantrics. After doing olook sadhna vashikaran , ucchatan , vedshan , black magic and all becomes easy for tantric . by doing olook sadhna laxmi maa will comes to him and gives all things to him. For doing vashikaran take one owl and kill him , after that pull his eyes . and remaining parts should be bury under the ground where roads cross. On any amavasya night or full moon night make kajal of owl eyes by rubbing it and apply on your eyes . after that whenever you will go in front of the person whom you want to get vashikaran will in your control.