If you also want to be wealthy and healthy and you never want to face financial crises , you want peace , prosperity , happiness, and love , if you want that goddess laxmi remains always with you ,than the given money spell is best for it. After doing this spell you will never suffer from money problem in whole life.

You can start this spell on any date of shuklapaksha and continue it till next poornima . you have to chant the given mantra for 12500 times daily at night. You have to choose a silent place, light one incense stick , 11 candles of white colour and place one picture of goddess laxmi in front of you.

Mantra :- om namo ulook rajaye laxmi vahanye ,
                  durbhagya nashaye mam saubhagya
                  vridhi kuru kuru shri hing kli swaha|

before starting this on any Thursday catch one owl and put it into one cage ,remember that the cage should of wooden , now you have to what , go to graveyard and collect some burned wooden of ashes and give it to the owl to it. And on amavasya night take the cage of owl and go to near side of river and thango to graveyard and sit near the burned dead body and pluck one feather of owl and let the owl fly in open air , after that you have to chant the given mantra at 11,000 times . while chanting the mantra blow on the feather .after completing the mantra ,put the feather in a secure place like your locker , purse , wallet . after this spell you will see you will never face any type of problem in your life. Your lockers , purse , almira will always remains full of money . all type of happiness , peace ,prosperity will be with you . god will always with you . you will never suffer from financial problem.this is one the best and powerful money spell ,once you will do this ,you will see the effect.