IF you are fed up from enemies and want permanent solution of your problem than maran mantra will help you. Maran mantra only used when you are really fed up from the problems and when there Is nothing to be left. Sometimes critical situations creates problems in which we feel alone , depressed it may be due to enemies , your office collegue , your sautan problem , partner’s affairs problem etc. so by using maran mantra you can easily get ride from this situations. It is one of the most powerful mantra to kill someone.for this you have to follow the following instructions which is given below.

Mantra :-om hin amukasya han-han swaha

Procedure- chanting of this mantra starts at night.for you need flowers of kaner (1008 flowers)and bitter oil . the given mantra should be chanted at 10,000 times after which it get siddh and pure. You have continuously chant the mantra for 11days . you have to be carefull while doing this .the place should be silent and clean. You have to burn some woods and make fire and than after that start chanting the mantra .before chanting the mantra take one flower of kaner and dip it into the oil .and than after chanting the mantra and burn the flower in the fire while chanting. You have to take the name of your enemy whom you want to kill in the place of amukasya. After doing this for 11days ,you will see your enemy will definitely die.