There are so many wizard which creates or stop your business growth , creates obstacles in your success and you face financial problems . this type of wizard can be in any form . there are some enemies who did black magic on you and your family by which you face financial problems, some did tantra –mantra on you so that your business, shops get destroyed . there are so many reasons behind that. For getting ride from this all problems the person need to choose any good time and start the spell which is given below . by using this spell you will see no body can dare to harm you , your bad luck gets converted into good luck, you will live luxury life.

Mantra :- om namo vishva roopaye ,

              Aien vijayan kuru kuru swaha |

Procedure :- you have to start this spell on any Saturday. After bathing at early morning , take black gram and with the help of black gram chant the above mantra at 108 times. And after that throw out the black gram into the stream water. After doing this spell you will see , money to instantly comes to you and you will never face any money problem in your life. This mantra is most powerful mantra to attract money ,once you will do this spell ,you will become rich and live luxury life.