It is said that the person who died on manikarnika pier god shiva give him/her some tarak mantra . this tarak word is the name of ‘ram’. Goddess site and god ram are the only who can save a person from going to hell . in west Bengal , atleast 5 km far from Rampur hat railway station , there is tarapeeth Shakti .the goddess of vashikaran tarapeeth place is under the graveyard where there is always silent.there the idol of goddess of vashikaran tara mata was magical and unbelievable .on that place maa tara in the nude form feed the god shiva . people only can see these idol at night 9:30-10:00pm only. Only half and hours will be given to the people to take blessing from her. This is the most powerful peeth where the first sight of this idol was seen by baam dev. And after seeing this baam dev got siddhis. District of bihar saharsa ,village name mahirshi there is ugratara is also said that maharishi has taken the tara siddhi from here. On this place the kawach or armor prepared for vashikaran is very effective and it works instantly .