Vashikaran is not an imagination of humans . vashikaran is mentioned in many ritualistic books of different religion. Vashikaran has great importance in the tantra shastra. by vashikaran you can easily get control over others or to attract any person. Husband vashikaran is one of them. If you think that your husband is not loving you, he is not giving attention to you. He is in relationship with other womens, his family interfering between you , he always remains busy in his work or any problem. And if you are fed up to find the permanent solution than only vashikaran ritual can help you . yes,vashikaran will help you to get your husband back , his mind will get completely , he will start loving you , will give you full time and whatever you want he will do for you.once the person will come in the power of vashikaran he will do whatever you want , only follows your orders. Vashikaran is an astrological science and it works from ancient times. But for vashikaran it is important to have determination , power , confidence , faith and sacrifice . if you all have that your vashikaran ritual will be successful . tantra shastra is an energy . vashikaran which is one of the most powerful energy which emerges between two persons . vashikaran generates the energy and power in the mind of person whom you want to get vashikaran. Person lost their conscious and comes in your control. But do not use vashikaran to harm others. Do it when you really need it. If you have faith that your vashikaran ritual will be give you 100% results than only it works. The effect of the vashikaran will be for life time. Once you will do vashikaran of your husband you will see he will be always in your control for life time. You can do husband vashikaran by kajal ,sindoor , locket , and by spells and remedies .