In todays life everyone is suffering from enemy .some enemy are hidden and some are openly hit you. Most dangerous are hidden enemies. They may be your friends , neighbour , family member, partner etc. you it is important to get ride from this enemies .if you are also fed up from enemy problem and want powerful solution ,for this you have to follow the instructions which is given below .

Mantra :- om shri amunk dushtaye sadhye

              Sadhya aa see aa un sa namha:

Procedure- this is one of the most powerful and great mantra to get ride from enemy problems. It is important to siddh the mantra before using it. On Saturday after bathing and cleaning yourself , go to a silent place where there is no disturbance and place one hanuman picture in front of you . light up 11candles and start chanting the given mantra at 108times. You have to do this continuously 11days . after 11days you will see how your enemy get die and your all problems get solve.