According   to  the  vedas  there  are  two  types  of  rituals  for  for  doing  vashikaran  on  shivratri  by  worshipping  lord  shiva. 1- panchpochar  pooja 2- shodshopachar. On  shivratri  by freshing  yourself  and wearing  new  and  clean  clothes  and wear  bhasm tilak and  also  wear  rudraksh rosary and  start worshipping  for  vashikaran  in  front   of  lord  shiva. Chandan , flower , dhoop , incense stick , and Prasad  by using  this  5 things  known  as  panchpochar.  And  1-  awahan 2- asan 3- padya 4-bath 5-abhishek or inaugurate 6- perfume 7-belpatra 8-pan-supari , all these  ingredients known as  shodshopachar. If you are doing worship of shivratri  in home than use nandishewar . and if you are worshipping in temple than lord shiva , goddess parvati , ganesha , kartike , and nandi provides you the results and fulfill your all wishes.  Devotees  do a  special  rituals  on  shivratri  for  vashikaran .also known as rudrabhishek. In the shiv puran  for  doing  vashikaran  there  are  lots  of  thing which  is  mentioned  below :-

1- by  using sugarcane juice as a rudrabhishek will provide you instant results .

2- by using honey as a rudrabhishek provides you the lots of money .

3- by using dhoop and incense stick provides you the blessing of child.

4- by using ganga water , provides you the  path of liberation.

5- by using  mustard oil , your enemies gets destroyed.

6-by using the pure ghee , your all wishes comes true.

If you have no ingredients of hawan , than you can only use simple water and while providing water as a rudrabhishek you have to chant the “om namah shivay “ mantra . it provides you the best results and helps in fulfilling you all demands. Well , you can do shiva worship at any time but once correct time is pradosh time means before sunset . lord shiva likes belpatra ,  flower of dhatura ,  rudraksh , red sandalwood . after doing vashikaran worship from lord shiva chant the given  mantra :-

||om namo mahadevay (man/women name) mam vanshya kuru kuru swaha ||