On  lunar  eclipse  first chant the given mantra  at 10,000 times and make it siddh .after that write down the mantra on one bhojpatra and the person whom you want to get vashikaran or want to get control take name of her in place of ‘amuksya’ in the mantra.after doing all this dip the bhot patra in the pure honey and place it into the freezer.you will see the lady will come in your control and start falling in your love and will do whatever you want.

Mantra :- om namo dev pradirupay amuksya akarshan kuru kuru swaha |

On lunar eclipse pull instantly the root of aerand but you have to continuously chant the mantra .you have to pull the roots by using your left hand. Now take the plant in your home and cut it into pieces and siddh it with 21times with this mantra . now, whenever this plant come in contact with the person whom you want to get vashikaran will come in your control for life time.

On any lunar eclipse do worship of god hanuman and provide him red sindoor . now , take some sindoor and use it as tilak on your forehead . after this whenever you will come in front of the lady whom you want will fall in your love and attracts towards you.