To get ride from black magic , ghost , negative energies , bad spirits these spell/sadhna is best and easy to do . for this it is important that the performer choose the ravipushya yog or Saturday night, on that day by and how catch the owl and snatch some feather from his body and let the owl fly. Do not kill the owl otherwise it will not give you the results , you have to only collect some feather from his body. Now , dip his feather into the pure rose water and place one red carpet , now light up the 11candles in front of you and chant the given mantra at 2100times. But while chanting the mantra blow on the feather . after completing the mantra put all the feathers with you.

Mantra :- om namo: rudraye , namaha: kalikaye ,

                 namah chanchalye ,kuru kru swaha|

Put all the feathers into the glass jar or bottle . now whenever you think that there is some black magic on you and if you feel like this , than take the feathers and rub on your whole body , you will see no black magic can dare to harm you. It is very effective spell. And the effect of this spell is for life time.